sometimes i rip apart and mash together different art tutorials to create an unholy frankenstein mother tutorial that is insanely useful for me but wrong to post or share with people

» Huge Ass List of First Names and Nicknames


I put this together for NYC and thought I’d share.

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this is a revolutionary day. I am no longer a faceless blogger.

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this thing I painted

» Myers Briggs by Mythical Creatures


INFJ: Phoenix
ESTP: Centaur
INTJ: Basilisk
ESFP: Pegasus
INFP: Unicorn
ESTJ: Hellhound
INTP: Wizard
ESFJ: Angel
ISFJ: Genie
ENTP: Sea Serpent
ISTJ: Vampire
ENFP: Pixie
ISFP: Siren
ENTJ: Griffin
ISTP: Werewolf
ENFJ: Fairie


Opaque - Artbook Cover

By Raman Djafari

Follow him on Tumblr or DeviantArt!

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Idk if this'll be useful to anyone else, but I looked up gameplay videos of dancing games just like Dance Central and Just Dance, and they helped me out a lot with poses and stuff. :D
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Dress by www.chotronette.com

I want this??? for my wedding???? *sees if they do commissions*


People don’t like creases in posters! I know that I was taught never to fold art. So I devised a very uh… thrifty… method to prevent such crimes.

This is how I will be mailing my posters via letter-size envelopes. Would anyone be interested in this method? It’s about $18 cheaper than the alternative (mailing tubes).

Also feel free to try this out because I think it could be helpful to many.

Oh, and if there are concerns about me taping to the printed side, it is actually easier to peel off the tape from the oil-based ink. :)


Even if you don’t have photoshop, you can still totally…


palette round 3! trying to branch out from gradients a lil more

round 1 - round 2

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some color palettes i’ve made over the past few days! feel free to use them

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in tribute to this post, have some more color palettes that i’ve been keeping locked up for a while, hehe

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