*draw a line*

*hate it*

*redraw it 38329348 times*

I think I’m bisexual but hetero-romantic?? like how does that even work

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design is haaaaaard

I have i told you that I tied a cherry stem in my mouth once? Well I did. Proudest moment of my life

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stealing ideas is “inspiration” if you don’t tell anyone

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"i still have that drawing you did for me from 6 years ago"



Aristocrazy Fall 2014



Some things I’ve taught myself through out the years. I have not gone to college for art or comics, these are things I’ve learned by just trying to make comics by myself.

I’ve also learned this stuff on the fly, through reading and doing. Regarding that last one: you can also use other elements to guide the reader’s eye through the page - shapes of objects, perspective on elements that “zoom” from top to bottom or right to left, etc.
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» Making Comics Master Link List!


Hey guys, I’m getting a lot of asks about the same things, mostly questions about how to make comics, how to “break into comics” (haha, oh dear), working with publishers, that kind of thing. I’ve done some blogging on many of the subjects, so instead of repeatedly replying in private with links to those posts, I’m going to do a master post thingie with links to all my blogging about how I work. Hopefully some of you will find some helpful nuggets in there! I remember when I first started trying to transition into making comics for a living, and there wasn’t much information about that online. I spent a lot of time wailing about it on a locked livejournal. XD But anyway, I hope my blogs help a wee bit.

Disclaimer: these blog posts are all based on my own personal experiences as a cartoonist, and the advice therein might not work for everyone. The most awesome thing about comics is that there is no one way to make them, nor is there one direct route into becoming a full-time cartoonist. The more pro cartoonists I meet, the more it drives home how different our methods and origin stories are. 

Anyway, here you are! (With all of these, scroll past the placeholder image at the top of the post.)

1) How I make my comics, start to finish. 

2) Finding the art tools that are right for you.

3) Working with collaborators.

4) Acting in comics. 

5) The financial reality of a full time cartoonist. 

6) Making a successful graphic novel pitch. 

7) Adapting a prose novel to comics, part 1.

8) Adapting a prose novel to comics, part 2.

9) Very simple tips for drawing a comic that will be published.

10) Working with editors from a cartoonist’s perspective.

10) b) Working with editors from an editor’s perspective (by my First Second editor, Calista Brill).

11) On “Drawing Styles.”

12) Dealing with discouragement (this is probably the most popular thing I’ve ever written XD).

13) On Comic Conventions. 

14) What did you give up to make comics? 

15) Sterotypes and lazy writing. 

Okay, I think that’s it! Whew! The remainder of the Friends With Boys blogging archive is here. It has some other bloggings that aren’t advice-related (mostly ramblings about comics I like), if you’re interested. If you have any other comic-related subjects you’d like me to blog about, feel free to drop a suggestion in the ask box.

I hope this was helpful. Share and enjoy! 

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I was reading articles on time this morning (nothing like reading about scientists bickering with my cup of coffee) and found an article on how people have different perceptions of time.

I can’t find the article any more but it spoke about how time seems to slow down when…

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"The Elizabeth Taylor Ceremonial Cape from Cleopatra is an ornately designed piece made of thin panels of gold-painted leather adorned with hand-stitched gold bugle beads, seed beads and bead-anchored sequins.”

From the 1963 film.

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Do you mind me asking what is the program you use to sketch and the brushes?


I’m using Photoshop CS6, and brushes from Kyle T

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I know we all love Edna because she’s super fierce and determined and an awesome role model and shit but

do you ever think that she feels intensely guilty over this, having made this suit that lead to the death of this amazing young girl

Maybe there’s a reason she never looks back.

why would you do this

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A girl I’m friends with on Facebook posted this status and I love it so much.