in art history we were re-enacting an ancient egyptian painting (this one) so I had my hands on the shoulders of some guy for about 2 minutes and that’s the closest I’ve ever been to having a boyfriend

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I made a banner in celebration of Asexual Awareness week! Reblog to spread the message and show your support!


dont use internet humor outside of the internet

no one will laugh

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I'm currently reading up on comic page construction and since I love how your pages turn out, I was wondering if you have any recommended reading or certain rules you follow?


Ah geeze, my page layouts are all pretty standard, actually.  Most of what I know I picked up from comics I’ve read, and advice from friends.  

I like to follow the KISS rule: Keep It Simple, Stupid.  95% of my Fritz pages look like this:

Things I think are important:

  • Big panels feel like they have more time passing in them, while smaller panels feel very quick.  Open panels can create a great scene of lingering or slowed time (don’t put them too close together, it can get confusing when they’re touching.)
  • Establishing shots to open new scenes, so the reader knows where the fuck we are and what characters are there.  If you’re going back to an already established location, you can fudge it and rely on ‘land marks’ of the location.  
  • Gutters, they separate your panels and give them room to breath, and clarity.  I like to avoid black gutters for this reason.  
  • Breaking the panel should be used sparingly, but is a great way to make the action really ‘pop’.  
  • Every page should have at least one background, to ground the characters and setting. 
  • Word bubbles from different panels shouldn’t be too close or touching.  Most people read the words on a page first, and this can mess up you panel order by leading their eye wrong. 
  • Keep dialog short and sweet, don’t cover your characters in words. Save large amounts of text for large panels. 
  • Show don’t tell.  Comics are a visual medium, have fun with your art. 

Now, all rules can be broken.  I wing pages a lot, and go with my gut when it comes to a lot of my decisions in layout.  Comics are visual art first, so if something doesn’t follow the ‘rules’ but feels right/looks good, I’d say go for it.  Experiment and have fun!  The more comics you draw, the better they get.

Read lots of comic, from different artists, and think about what you like about their work.  Movies are great, too, for figuring out tricks for visual transitions and scene layouts.  I have a habit of imagining how I would draw some transitions/scenes to get the same feeling in still, black and white pictures.  

I hope this helps! 

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is there a 'system' ( i guess thats the right word uhm) u use to pick colors? ?? they're always really vibrant and lively :^o


Nope I don’t, I just go with my gut most of the time

An easy way to keep your colors bright though is to keep the main colors of your picture in this range:


Not to say you can’t use the rest of the square, but I find that it’s easiest to stick in the triangle if you want a brighter palette



YEAH ANYWAY,TRY TO have both bright and dull colors cause it generally makes for a more balanced picture, the best thing to do is to EXPERIMENT and have fun!

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if you’ve ever wondered about how to bathe giant snakes, here is a 60kg baby having a bubble bath


:D :D :D



Making of my fem!Winter Soldier Cosplay

A story of fails, wins and a lot of coffee…

These awesome pictures were made by meikel-art-photography, klaus-blum-photography and mr-photography. Thanks a lot!


The Hidden Life of the Burrowing Owl from mike roush on Vimeo.




MIKE ROUSH / The Hidden Life of the Burrowing Owl / 5:16

I have always been fascinated by wildlife documentaries. As a kid I would take my mom’s camera and try and get as close to the neighborhood animals as I could. Most of the time this would mean long hours sitting motionless on the back deck with bird seed sprinkled on my lap and shoulders. I never got the shot I wanted, so when Chris and Shannon  asked me if I wanted to make an animated film for Titmouse, I said yes before they finished asking. 


Chris and Shannon Prynoski, Dik Pose, and I Line up a shot in the middle of nowhere. photo by Steve Kellener.


Early thumbnails of the burrowing owl.


Rough turnaround.

"Owl" was animated in Flash. I used a technique where I would animate traditionally very rough, then I would take a second pass cleaning up symbols that I would be able to reuse later. Most of the final animation you see in "Owl" is puppeted symbol animation with hundreds of symbols and a different puppet for each shot. This way I could get the detail and animation quality I wanted.


The Flash break-down on one of the owl puppets. Lots of feathers!

One of my favorite parts of making this film was having to get out of the studio and go on location. I found an amazing place in central California called The Carrizo Plain using google maps. I spent the weekends driving all around taking pictures and exploring. Fun fact: The burrow used in the short was an actual owl burrow. On one of the days I was taking photos of the burrow one hissed at me from inside the burrow with it’s rattlesnake like call. It scared me nearly to death.


This is how I made all the “live action” backgrounds. I drew a storyboard of what I wanted and photo collaged lots of pictures together to make it look like what I drew. Unfortunately these places don’t exist in real life.


Whenever the owl had to touch the flower or fork, I took hundreds of photos, cut them out in photoshop and animated them. Fun.


On location I used a couple stand-in models to get the lighting right and a maquette when animating for inspiration.

I had a great time making this film and when I was done we were lucky enough to show it at festivals around the world. After 4 years the “Owl” showed at more than 40 festivals, in over 25 countries. 

Can’t wait to do another one.

Mike’s Tumblr

Mike Roush’s incredible short film is now online!!! Don’t miss this one, folks! It’ll stick to your ribs likes delicious cartoon BBQ!

I was lucky enough to catch this at an animation festival a while back and it blows my mind as much now as it did then



The total area of solar panels it would take to power the world, Europe, and Germany

I’m an adult, in university, and rereading percy jackson

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Orange Sunset - Submitted by Desvil

#C85833 #EB894A #FFC17A #2C1A2A #574D6B #768BA6

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Who’s Alex?

Billboard demonstrating gender stereotypes as most people automatically assume that Alex is the boy.

Actually, I’ve studied design and advertising, and I can tell you that the reason people would look at this and immediately assume Alex is the boy is because, quite simply, the boy is the focal point of the ad.

English-speaking readers’ line of sight goes from left to right and up to down. This ad leads the viewer from the words MEET ALEX etc straight to the boy and then over and down to the girl. I didn’t even notice there was a set of parenthesis with words in them in the ad until I looked the fourth time. 

This is a fallacious confirmation bias, as anyone looking at it will assume Alex is the focal point (i.e. The Boy) and then if they’re perceptive they’ll notice the words at the bottom. Aha! Those damn gender stereotypes gotcha again! Except no, because the ad literally forces you to read it as “Alex is the boy” by the visual language and lines of sight. 

A better ad would have been structured from top to bottom instead of left to right, and wouldn’t have pushed the girl, the real subject of the ad (who, by the way, has been VISUALLY PUSHED OUT OF HER RIGHTFUL SPACE ON THE AD BY HER BROTHER) off to the corner as far away from her identifiers as possible. 

Here, I’ll make you a better ad.


Bam. Shitty stock photo but you get the point. If anyone sees this and assumes Alex is the boy, they don’t have the the ad layout to use as an excuse for their internalized gender shittery. Likewise, the ad isn’t actively trying to make you read it a certain way and THEN making you feel guilty for interpreting it the way they designed it to be. 



A selection of Backgrounds from the Steven Universe episode: Mirror Gem

Art Direction: Elle Michalka

Design: Steven Sugar, Emily Walus

Paint: Amanda Winterstein, Jasmin Lai

Some backgrounds I designed for Mirror Gem! That shot of the fry shop is the first of many early key backgrounds we redid between the end of season 1A and the beginning of 1B, so look forward to more of those!

Also that’s one of my favorite Gem Temple palettes of the season! Jasmin and Amanda always do such an amazing job!


Hi everybody,

I’m looking for illustrators for an ILLUSTRATION PROJECT and I need your help!

My goal is to create a magazine for my bachelor thesis about the own drawing style. The reader should receive an impression of different drawing styles and views on the subject based on a lot of self-portraits of various illustrators. National and international artist can join in.

Many well-known illustrators already take part in this project!

I’m grateful for every reblog to make this project big and successful!

All you’ve to do to take part in:
It‘s simple: Just draw a selfportrait. Feel free to draw yourself as you want to. It‘s important that the own drawing style is clearly recognizable, so the reader can compare the different illustrations easily.

You also have to describe „style“ in 1-3 sentences. What does style mean to you? How do you defind style in relation to the own drawing style? NOT YOUR OWN DRAWING STYLE! 

For example:

"Stil entwickelt sich von selbst. Er ist einfach die Art uns Auszudrücken und das entwickelt sich schlicht durchs machen. Das was uns gut von der Hand geht und uns gefällt ist unser Stil." - Felix Scheinberger

"Style is who you are, from how you dress to how you see the world. Everyone’s is different, it’s what defines you and lets you be the individual you are." - Caroline Boyk

1st December 2014

All criteria you’ve to note can be found at the link below!

After my exam and presentation I will plan a Kickstarter Project to publish the book. Thus all have a chance to buy a copy.


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I’ve been thinking how not satisfied I was with Calypso’s design lately, so I ended up drawing her. I am not yet sure about this one either, but at least I like it.. A quick sketch, that I apparently desided to give a little colour to get the idea.

I hope her hair didn’t turn too ginger?